Pro 60HD

Dynatrac Pro60 Toyoat HiLux1The Dynatrac Pro60HD™ provides increased cargo-carrying capacity and combat-proven, durable design that is a cost-effective to deploy. It is available for Toyota HiLux, LC76, LC79, LC200, Tacoma, Land Rover Defender and purpose-built vehicles.

The Dynatrac Pro60HD has the correct wheel bolt pattern to accept stock or common replacement wheels for these applications. In most applications, the Pro60HD accepts the stock brake system, including compatibility with the ABS and stability control systems. Axles can also be configured for larger brakes.

The Pro60HD is designed to use COTS brakes, bearings and gearsets for easy servicing around the globe. The
Dynatrac Pro60HD is a cost-effective solution with a robust design that provides industry-leading strength-toweight


  • Available as a full-float axle for maximum GAWR
  • Available as a semi-float axle for reduced weight and lower cost
  • Increases the torque capacity in the Land Rover up to 70%
  • Axle Tube Diameter: 3.125-4.0 in. (79-102 mm)
  • Axle Tube Wall Thickness: Variable to match application requirement
  • Ring Gear Diameter: 9.75-in. (248 mm)
  • Axleshaft Diameter: 1.31-1.72 in. (33-44 mm)
  • Low-pinion design
  • Made in the USA


  • Toyota HiLux, LC76, LC79, LC200 and Tacoma
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Purpose-Built Vehicles

Click here to download the datasheet on the Dynatrac Defense Pro 60HD.