ProRock 44

ProRock 44The ideal front-axle upgrade for Jeep J8/Wrangler, Land Rover Defender and Toyota LC76 and LC79 based vehicles, the Dynatrac ProRock 44™ is a bolt-in solution that uses 100-percent COTS service parts. Dynatrac drivetrain solutions are engineered to protect against field failures that could immobilize a vehicle, making it a target for hostility.


  • Eliminates common failure points in original axle
  • More than doubles overall axle rigidity and strength
  • Increased GVWR to accommodate additional gear and armor
  • Patented Dynatrac ProRock® design increases ground clearance
  • Reduces front-impact area for higher mobility
  • Combat-proven drivetrain solutions
  • Reduced sustainment costs over the life of your defense program
  • Made in the USA


  • Axle Tube Diameter: 3 in. (77 mm) (20% larger than factory)
  • Axle Tube Wall Thickness: 0.50 in. (13 mm) (63% thicker than factory)
  • Bending Strength: 100% improvement compared to factory
  • Added Ground Clearance: 0.43 in. (11 mm)
  • Reduced Front Obstacle Impact Surface: 30%
  • Ring Gear Diameter: 8.5 in. (216 mm)
  • Axleshaft Diameter: 1.31 in. (33 mm)


  • Jeep J8 and Wrangler
  • Land Rover Defender and commercial variants
  • Toyota LC76 and LC79

Additional Information:

  • The ProRock 44 end forging is made from US steel and is much stronger than stock – a critical upgrade for larger tires and heavy armored vehicle weights
  • ProRock 44 end forging maintain proper wheel camber even under severe use
  • The ProRock 44 readily accepts off-the-shelf gears, shafts, wheel ends, brakes and other internal parts for low program sustainment costs
  • It is equipped with heavy-duty cast, helical coil seats, and highdurability sway-bar tabs
  • The ProRock 44 is equipped with patented and rebuildable Dynatrac Heavy-Duty ball joint assemblies
  • The ProRock 44 includes an impact-resistant nodular-iron differential cover

Click here to download the datasheet on the Dynatrac Defense ProRock 44.