Foundation Brake Program

The Dynatrac Foundation Brake Program provides the optimal braking solutions for the needs of tactical vehicles.

  • Ideally suited for military applications that include low-speed, off-road and cold-temperature brake-holding power such as when holding a vehicle in place on a steep incline
  • Optimized for both high- and low-temperature brake torque performance that is common in military applications requiring a wide range of maneuverability, high-mobility in difficult terrain and must also perform very well in high-speed maneuvers
  • Industry-leading low-cost acquisition prices and low-cost sustainment
  • We are ideally suited for low- and mid-volumes of military vehicle programs without sacrificing cost savings
  • Dynatrac Foundation Brake systems use OEM COTS service components for cost-effective service wherever the vehicles are deployed around the world

Why Did we develop the Dynatrac Foundation Brake Program:

  • Tactical vehicles built on existing platforms are significantly heavier than the original vehicles, therefore the brakes are undersized
  • Existing aftermarket brake upgrades are based on racing applications that are not appropriately designed for the duty-cycles of military tactical vehicles

How Does the Dynatrac Foundation Brake Program Work:

  • Our engineering team works with your vehicle development team to identify the specific braking needs, objectives and duty-cycle
  • Using our decades of brake-system engineering experience, we do a full system foundation brake analysis
  • We use an analytical approach to source off-the-shelf brake rotors, calipers, friction materials, master cylinder and related brake components
  • We source the brake components from the world’s leading brake suppliers, including Bendix, Bosch, Continental, Hayes, Honeywell, Linemar, TI Automotive and TRW
  • We work with your engineering team to integrate, test and validate the brake system
  • Dynatrac can provide the brake system components or a BOM for your team to procure components directly from the specified supplier
  • Advantages of the Dynatrac Foundation Brake Program:
  • Your brake system will be engineered for the specific GVWR of your tactical vehicle, ready to perform as expected with armor and cargo loads
  • Balanced front and rear rotor thermal mass is an essential requirement to minimize fade in severe-duty applications – our engineering analytics optimize rotor mass and diameter to provide maximum performance at minimum weight
  • We use commonly-available brake components in a system engineered for your specific vehicle
  • Reduced R&D cost and time
  • OEM components have already been engineered and validated – only complete system testing and validation is needed
  • Service items are readily available world-wide at low cost

Click here to download information about the Dynatrac Defense Foundation Brake Program.